Here the list of scripts that I create. And if you like an incentive ... Make a donation. Thanks...



Bitmap Changes 1.1- Work with bitmaps in scene, change by slot selection, all material, pick material...
 - Usuful script, create a multimaterial with the slot material select and variance the material.
StandartToInkPaint V.1.0 - Simple script to convert standard material for inkpaint preserving its color or map.


LightByCam V.1.2 - This script turns on and off the lights according to the camera in view. Useful for several scenes with various cameras and lights.


NormalizeElements - Script to Normalize file Path and extension of render elements.
VrayLightSelectElements - With one simple button create one VrayLightSelect Element for each Instances lights


Randomize WireColor V.1.2 - *UPDATE* Simple script to random wirecolor by select, by, material, by group and all. 1.2 - Is possible random group and material wirecolor by selection objects.
Create Cam Pos - Simple script to create Cameras with the position object and distance of the object
Center Pivot In Z - Simple script to align pivot in center of object and base Z position, useful for scale, rotation and move objects in floor.


Replace Obj and Animation - Replace objects transforms ( position, Rotation and Scale ) and Bake animation.

Realflow Script

Foam Particles and Exclude Obj - Function create foam by emmiter and exclude one object