----By Kimarotta
----Created On: 22/05/12
----Version 1.4

—-This script is simple and very usufull, helps to create a multimaterial with the slot material selected.
—-The script create, copy and apply the color correction and varies the values with the input the values.

----Features V 1.0
---- Number of Slot --- Variance Hue,Saturation,Bright,Contrast,Diffuse and Random Factor.

----Features V 1.2
----Add option Copy Diffuse to Bump
----Fixed the operation with Vraylightmat
----Now operating with Standard material

----Features V.1.3 --- This update has all the credits Branko Zivkovic (Barigazy ScriptSpot) thanks a million
----The Great Optimize Script
----Add name to multimaterial
----Wow, work with Arch/Design Materials

----Features V.1.4
----Add option Random Offset Bitmap
----Fix Random Diffuse Color With Random Factor

 Scripts Page

For use “Run” the file in Max and Customize -> Customize User Interface… -> ToolBars -> Category: Kimarotta Scripts. Drag and Drop Script in Your ToolBar.