Yeah, I am studying realflow for a project here at Digital Key and wrote a simple script to send through a foam emmisor and exclude an object of the issue. As soon as I can I'll post updates of the project ...

def foamAdd(th, baseEmitter, baseObj, foam):
from random import randint
liquid = scene.getEmitter(baseEmitter)
foam = scene.getEmitter(foam)
obj = scene.getObject(baseObj)
threshold = th
particles = liquid.getParticlesColliding()
for particle in particles:
pos = particle.getPosition()
vel = particle.getVelocity()
ag = particle.getAge()
particlesCol = particle.getCollidingObject()
if ((particle.getVelocity().module() > threshold) and (particle.getCollidingObject() == obj)):
foam.addParticle(pos, vel)
def onSimulationStep():
foamAdd(1, "02_liquid_01_40", "Balde_low", "02_foam_jatos")
foamAdd(1, "02_liquid_02_40", "Balde_low", "02_foam_jatos")
foamAdd(3, "02_liquid_base_50", "aquasplash_01", "02_splash_100")