Useful for several scenes with various cameras and lights.

This script turns on and off the lights according to the camera in view.
The name of the camera must be present on behalf of the light.
If one light among all the cameras, it should contains "All" in the name.

P.s.: The name of camera is "Cam_Playground" the name of the lights must be "Sun_Cam_Playground" "Vraylight_Cam_Playground"
One light can belong in many cameras, in this case the exemple would look like, Name camera "Cam_Playground" and "Cam_Pool" with the
same light "Vraylight_Cam_Playground_Cam_Pool"

---- V.1.1 - Add selectionSets with same name of the Camera
*P.s.: Is now possible to create a selectionset with the same name for the camera lights that are part of each camera

---- V.1.2 - Fix the bug, where the view not in cam.
Fix bug in selectionSets


For use “Run” the file in Max and Customize -> Customize User Interface… -> ToolBars -> Category: Kimarotta Scripts. Drag and Drop Script in Your ToolBar.