Title - Distribute Vegetation with Object Paint
Software - 3d max 2014 ( Vray for VrayProxy )
Level - Begginer

This is first tutorial...
I'll show how to put vegetation in the project without using plugin ... with "Object Paint".
The first thing to do is to have a model to distribute, I usually work with VRayProxy for the file does not get heavy.
Select the model to distribute. In Ribbon >>> Object Paint..
To the object align correct you need click in Align in Z

And randomize rotation object you need hability Random in Z
and finally you need hability random in Scale... to Random...
and set the variance of scale...
after that, the object paint tool is set up to distribute the vegetation in the project..
just click on the surface you want to distribute the object...

This tool is very useful to distribute many vegetations in the projects, this is fast and pratice...
I have helped with this simple tutorial ...
Until next time...